Snowy Owls to Saw-whet Owls

Since 1981, Norman Smith has spent countless days and nights, in every imaginable weather condition, observing, capturing, banding, and relocating snowy owls at Logan International Airport. Data has been collected on roosting, hunting, and behavior while on their wintering grounds. Since 2000, satellite transmitters have been attached to owls to learn more about their movements. Please join Harwich Conservation Trust at the Harwich Community Center to find out what has been learned to date, what questions remain and how this project developed to include research on saw-whet owls.

Norman Smith is a self-taught naturalist who has worked for the Massachusetts Audubon Society since 1974. He recently retired as Director of Blue Hills Trailside Museum and Norman Smith Environmental Education Center in Milton, Massachusetts where he had worked for the past 50+ years and has taken on a part time role to continue his research on raptors. Norman has studied birds of prey for over 45 years, including rehabilitating the injured and successfully fostering over 1,000 orphaned hawk and owl chicks into adoptive nests. His research work has been published in National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Yankee, Massachusetts Wildlife, Bird Observer, Birding, Sanctuary, Geo, Nature, Grolier Encyclopedia, Owls of the Northern Hemisphere and Owls of the World.


Saturday, Jan. 28th (1-2 p.m.)

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Snowy Owls to Saw-whet Owls with Norman Smith

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