December Cape Cod National Seashore Walks

*When selecting your walk, please consider your experience level as some of these walks are higher intensity given the distance hiking through the soft sand* 

Please join HCT guide and naturalist Andrea Higgins to explore some of her favorite walks in the Cape Cod National Seashore. Tour the Outer Cape with a unique walk in each town (Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown). Bring your curiosity and sense of adventure! Please dress appropriately for the weather including wearing comfortable supportive walking shoes. Please bring water.

Walk Descriptions:

Beech Forest Mindful Nature Walk, Provincetown: Saturday, December 3rd (9-11 a.m.)
This guided walk is sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust and Provincetown Conservation Trust. Join Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide Andrea Higgins for a unique way to experience the beauty of the Beech Forest. Slowly saunter the trails while admiring brilliant green moss, sand dunes, the Beech Forest, and the sparkling Blackwater Pond to immerse yourself in the gifts of nature. This guided mindful walk will gently invite you to notice all that is around you, engage your senses, and absorb the healing properties of the forests. This walk will cover a 1-mile loop and last approximately 2 hours. There will be one slight incline with varying terrain. Registration is $20.00 per person. 15 people maximum. 

Pamet Dunes & Bearberry Hill, Truro: Saturday, December 10th (9-11 a.m.)
*Please note that this is a higher intensity walk given the distance hiking through the soft sand*
 This guided walk, sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust and Truro Conservation Trust, includes a scenic overlook featuring giant sand dunes and an impressive and expansive view of the Atlantic Ocean. An overwhelming appreciation and understanding of Henry David Thoreau's quote rings true "...stand there and put all America behind him." Join us to hike through various terrains and ecosystems to experience a real Cape Cod wonder. This hike will cover approximately 3 miles and will last 2 hours. We will cover varying terrain including soft sand. Recommended for more experienced hikers. Registration is $20.00 per person. 10 people maximum.

Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Mindful Nature Walk, Wellfleet: Saturday, December 17th (9-11 a.m.)
This mindful nature walk in the picturesque Atlantic White Cedar Swamp is sponsored by Harwich Conservation Trust and Wellfleet Conservation Trust. We invite you to slow down and notice the details and tremendous beauty found in this ethereal area of Wellfleet. Hike for approximately 2 hours and cover 2 miles. There will be varying terrain including soft sand as we enter the boardwalk area of the swamp. Walk Guide Andrea Higgins will meet you in the parking lot to lead you to the boardwalk and start of the walk. Registration is $20.00 per person. 15 people maximum.

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December National Seashore Walks

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Beech Forest Mindful Nature Walk, Provincetown: Sat., December 3rd (9-11 a.m.)
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Pamet Dunes & Bearberry Hill, Truro: Saturday, December 10th (9-11 a.m.)
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Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Mindful Nature Walk, Wellfleet: Saturday, December 17th (9-11 a.m.)
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